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TheCigarStore Your one source for fine premium cigars, humidors, pipes, Zippo lighters and related accessories The Cigar Store has thousands of hand-made, premium cigars from around the world. We specialize in Honduran, Nicarauguan and Dominican cigar brands. Our cigars and samplers are of the best brands and quality. We also sell humidors, pipes and more. [View more] Cigars  Ranks #2, because of their wide variety of brand name products at low prices!!!
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Uniquely infused with flavor, each Acid cigar is pleasurable to the palate. Using all premium long fillers, Acid is one of the most popular flavored cigars on the market. When Jonathan Drew founded Drew Estate cigars, he knew this was not going to be your typical cigar maker, that is why today his booming business is rightfully called “the rebirth of cigars”. Drew brought a new element to the cigar industry with his unique tobaccos and infusions that attracted new cigar smokers and enthusiasts to what was formerly considered a conservative hobby. Today Drew Estate is a top manufacturer of Nicaraguan cigars and has expanded beyond strictly unique tobaccos and infusions into premium cigars with help from industry expert and Cigar Aficionado Steve Saka. Acid cigars are a combination of premium whole leaf long filler Nicaraguan tobaccos and essential oils which are gently infused into the cigars to give them a unique aroma that is unlike anything anyone else in the cigar industry is making. These premium cigars have appealed to both traditional smokers as well as a new generation of cigar enthusiasts who want something different from what their grandfather used to smoke. Drew Estate is truly making the cigars of tomorrow, today. Available in a variety of sizes and wrappers and accompanied by catchy names, Acid cigars have moved beyond fad and are a fixture in the cigar world. What do get when you combine secret hybrid tobaccos, Asian herbs and oils, masterful Cuban-style rolling and a dedication to producing one of the finest and most unique cigars available? Acid Cigars. Available to only a limited number of Tobacconists, Acid cigars are quickly becoming one Nicaragua's most sought after smokes. Since each cigar has a very unique flavor, one could speak volumes in effort to adequately describe them. The diverse botanical, herbal and tobacco blend create a taste and aroma that is uniquely ACID.

ACID Beach - This is the newest Subculture cigar from the revolutionary cigar maker Jonathan Drew. Made exclusively for Corona Cigar Company, these limited production cigars receive and extra year of aging. This gives ACID Beach a refined herbal aroma that is pleasant and enticing. Be one of the first to enjoy this exclusive cigar.

ACID Star Monkey - The first box-pressed ACID cigar to date. This bold double maduro wrapper that is only available in the San Andreas Valley of Mexico benefits from over five years of experience in botanical blending. This monkey acts like a gorilla, yet its truest strength lies in its balance.

ACID Blondie - With a sweet beginning and a knockout finish, it is a 4 inch half-hour of "whoop-a$$" that leaves you smiling and coming back for more.

ACID Earthiness - A full-bodied Cuban style corona with a taste you would expect of a Churchill. It has a Sumatra wrapper and binder, combined with a native Indian filler, and lends to a blend unlike any cigar ever created.

ACID Liquid - A Connecticut shade wrapped robusto with a very rich taste. This mild to medium bodied smoke offers hints of cashew nut flavor.

ACID Kuba Kuba - The chubby 54 ring gauge robusto that tels the three bears story of ACID cigars, not too strong and not to light. The most saught after ACID cigar in the country.

ACID KMV - A medium bodied classic Toro size. Distinct smokey-rich flavor is created by the five Nicaraguan leaf blend.

ACID Roam - Undoubtedly the creamiest ACID cigar. This Churchill's wrapper is oak cask cured for 150 day prior to being released. Light floral aroma.

ACID #1 - A special ACID cigar that has the richest Cameroon wrapper available. Its tobaccos are cured in red wines from Chile, Italy, France, California as well as Sangria indigenous to Nicaragua. This is the only non-aromatic cigar in the ACID line.

ACID Cold Infusion Tea - A refreshing combination of peach cobbler and the aroma of fresh cut pine on a crisp day.

ACID Atom - Wrapped in a dark Nicaraguan maduro leaf. It is the only ACID cigar where the depth and fullness of the tobacco flavors totally overwhelm the herbs and botanicals it is cured in.

ACID Nasty - A little maduro pyramid that customers have compared to Ghiradelli semi-sweet bakers chocolate in color. Floral and cocoa bouquet. The scent of crushed roses will surround you.

ACID C-Notes - The ACID cigarillo created to raise a lot of eyebrows in a mere 20 minutes.

ACID 1400 cc Tubes - A super charged Connecticut shade robusto with all of its aromatic qualities sealed in a glass tube. Perfect for ACID "on the go".

ACID Kong Cameroon - Uniquely shaped to keep the rich flavors swirling frenetically from start to finish with a consistency that is unparalleled in any other cigar. The secret is a blend of red wines with the herbal-aromatics.

ACID Neafasto - The "Big Brother" to the Nasty, with a size that lasts. This pyramid shaped cigar is made with the finest Mexican maduro available.

ACID Extra Ordinary Larry - Impressive in both size and construction. A must have for the devout smoker. Initial rose-like qualities followed by a second layer of sweet spice. Larry is very well balanced and mulit-dimensional. "A challenge to the palate."

ACID Collector's Tin - A hand selected assortment of 14 ACID favorites (10 different sizes). It is the ultimate sampler for both the dedicated and the undecided ACID smoker. Stunning graphic images adorn this year-round keepsake. Besides, who doesn't like a tin filled with their favorite goodies?

A final note- ACID cigars are all hand-crafted using the finest tobaccos and over 140 botanicals, herbs and essential oils. The only way to understand ACID is to experience ACID.

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