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TheCigarStore  Ranks #1, because of their low selling prices along with their excellent customer service.

TheCigarStore Your one source for fine premium cigars, humidors, pipes, Zippo lighters and related accessories The Cigar Store has thousands of hand-made, premium cigars from around the world. We specialize in Honduran, Nicarauguan and Dominican cigar brands. Our cigars and samplers are of the best brands and quality. We also sell humidors, pipes and more. [View more] Cigars  Ranks #2, because of their wide variety of brand name products at low prices!!!
Jupiter Cigars Tinder Box. The name itself conjures up premium cigars, pipes and tobacco at unbeatable prices. This is a tradition that started in 1928 and continues to the present day. Please sit back, light up your cigar or pipe, and become familiar with the history and personalities of Tinder Box.[View more]


Avo is a top brand made at the famous tobadom factory, makers of Davidoff.  Its silky and creamy aroma make it one of the best selling premium Dominican cigars in the world.

Avo Uvezian is one of the most famed jazz musicians and composers in world, but what most people don’t realize about him, is that he is also a lover of fine tobacco. That is why when he pursued a blend by his own name, he knew he could settle for nothing less than perfection.

His first step in creating a world renowned cigar blend started with Hendrick Kellner, a man so famous in the cigar industry, his factory is commissioned by the top cigar manufacturers including Davidoff and Cusano. The original AVO blend is medium-bodied with a Connecticut wrapper and mixture of 5 different tobaccos (mostly from the Dominican Republic) that give the cigar a creamy and silky texture. The aroma is rich with hints of wood and nuts. Since its debut this brand has shown no signs of slowing down as more and more cigar lovers realize just how perfect these cigars are.

What do you get when you combine the expertise of Davidoff of Geneva, the tobacco knowledge Henkie Kellner, and the talent of Avo Uvezian? A masterpiece cigar called AVO. Creamy, smooth, and beautiful, AVO cigars set the standard for quality.

  • Country: Dominican Republic
  • Wrapper: Ecuador, USA/Conn
  • Binder: Dominican Republic
  • Filler: Dominican Republic
  • Strength: Mild


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