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Fans of fuller bodied cigars have taken in interest in this brand which originated in 1997 in Costa Rica.

Bahia is a commonly heard name among cigar enthusiasts.  With so many popular blends, the Gold line marked the first fuller bodied front mark in the Bahia portfolio.  Crafted using a hearty Sumatra wrapper and Dominican fillers, each Bahia Gold undergoes an additional 12 months of slow aging after it is rolled to ensure that the tobaccos properly marry before shipping to customers.

In 2001 production of this sought after cigar migrated from its home in Costa Rica to Nicaragua where it is currently being made today.  The Bahia name has a strong reputation for quality and flavor.  You can expect a solid draw and perfect burn from every cigar you take out of a box.  This cigar is a real gem in the aging room as they mellow dramatically in just the first few years.  Well balanced and well refined, after spending some time in the aging room, these cigars have matured to a whole new level.

Bahia Blu is another full-bodied favorite from Tony Borhani. It has a dark, oily, natural wrapper grown in León, Nicaragua, a town northwest of Managua, not far from the Pacific Ocean. The binder is grown in the northwestern part of Estelí, Nicaragua, one of the three traditional tobacco growing regions in Nicaragua, and one known for its strength. The filler is a blend of two Nicaraguan tobaccos, one from the same part of Estelí as the binder, the other from the Jalapa Valley, in northern Nicaragua near the Honduran border. Like all of Tony Borhani's cigars, the quality is outstanding.

  • Country: Esteli, Nicaragua
  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: Nicaraguan
  • Strength: Medium

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