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The Cohiba Black is one of the newest additions to the Cohiba family.  With a dark maduro wrapper and aged Dominican Piloto binder, the Cohiba Black has a rich and complex flavor that appeals to even the most discerning aficionado.

As perhaps the most recognized name in cigars worldwide, Cohiba has been an icon for what many consider the “the best”.  Debuting in Cuba shortly after Castro came to power, initially the Cohiba brand was made from the top 1% of leaves harvested and the cigars were reserved for Diplomatic gifts and government VIP’s.  In fact, speculation exists that the brand was initially made for Fidel Castro who considered the blend his favorite. 

Cohiba Black was introduced at the 2006 RTDA show in Las Vegas.  As one of the most popular super premiums, the Cohiba black follows its predecessor, the Cohiba Red Dot, which is also made in the Dominican Republic.  The cigar features a multi-country blend with a rich and dark Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper.  However, perhaps more exciting then the oily wrapper is the filler, which encompasses leaves from the Dominican Republic and Mexico.  The Cohiba Black is then finished with an enticing Dominican Piloto binder that has been aging for more then three years in tercio.  The Cohiba Black is the result of years of careful blending by General Cigar President and master blender Daniel Nunez who has an esteemed reputation for turning out some of the world’s finest cigars such as the Partagas Black label.  Don’t miss your chance to try on of his latest creations.

The Cohiba Black is the first Cohiba brand line extension in five years. Daniel Nunez diligently worked on the blend, perfecting the tobaccos that would make up the newest edition to the Cohiba line. The Cohiba Black is made with a dark and oily Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and a sun-grown Dominican Piloto Cubano binder that is aged for three years. The filler is a mix of Mexican and Dominican tobaccos that are also aged three years before being rolled. Mild to medium in body the Cohiba Black is smooth and earthy with a subtle hint of cedar. The Cohiba Black is another example of Daniel Nunez blending skills.

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