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TheCigarStore  Ranks #1, because of their low selling prices along with their excellent customer service.

TheCigarStore Your one source for fine premium cigars, humidors, pipes, Zippo lighters and related accessories The Cigar Store has thousands of hand-made, premium cigars from around the world. We specialize in Honduran, Nicarauguan and Dominican cigar brands. Our cigars and samplers are of the best brands and quality. We also sell humidors, pipes and more. [View more] Cigars  Ranks #2, because of their wide variety of brand name products at low prices!!!
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Mexican tobacco got a bad name during the cigar boom. And it was unfair, because it was untrained people trying to get a share of the boom market that gave it a bad name – it wasn’t the tobaccos fault it was misused. Cigars from all over were being overproduced, but for some reason Mexican cigars received the brunt of the blame. Thank goodness for families like the Turrents who know how to make a great cigar. They are responsible for proving outdated stereotypes wrong and returning the good name to Mexican tobacco.

The Turrent family has been in the cigar business for over 5 generations. They are one of the oldest families in the cigar industry and to celebrate 125 years in the business they have released the A. Turrent. This new cigar is actually an old blend. A very special blend, because this blend is one that was kept for the family’s personal use. These cigars were also reserved for presidents, dignitaries, and special guests who visited the Turrent’s home. The Turrent’s now offer this unique medium to full-bodied cigar to you. The A. Turrent is blended with a specially grown San Andres Criollo wrapper, a Nicaraguan binder, and select, aged San Andres long filler tobaccos. This superb blend is perfectly balanced – full and complex but also very smooth. It allows for the rich flavors of earth to highlight the coffee/coco undertones, and as the cigar builds, subtle notes of cedar are noted. The cigar not only speaks for itself - A. Turrent was rated a 91 in Cigar Insider and was included in Cigar Aficionado’s top 25 of 2006. Signaling the end of old worn-out stereotypes – A. Turrent.


  • Country: Nicaragua
  • Wrapper: Criollo
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: San Andrea
  • Strength: Medium to Full
  • Ratings: 91 Cigar Insider

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